I actually never really wanted to help people fight.

Dr. Maren Henseler

Attorney at Law

  • 35 years old, from Rösrath
  • has been with Küttner since 2018

The 35-year-old Dr. Maren Henseler fulfilled her childhood dream when she became a practicing attorney. After completing her advanced levels, her life led her to the US, where she successfully completed her studies in sports and history in 2005. When she returned to Germany, sports were her main focus - but then came Küttner.

You have tried quite a few things out. What was it that made you decide to become an attorney?

I have always had a real strong sense of justice and the law was my first childhood dream. So, after returning from the states, I started my law studies - while being a professional football player. During my first state examination, I had the great fortune of playing in the 1st Women’s Bundesliga. Becoming an attorney wasn’t my first choice. I actually never really wanted to help people fight. But the job was so interesting, that I chose the path to come an attorney.

So, was employment law - more love at second sight?

Yes, absolutely. My initial practice area was public law. But I was not all that interested in political work, mostly because in this arena people tend to be engaged in power struggles, and as such I knew that this was not something I would want to do over the long run. While I was working for a major law firm in sports law, a colleague introduced me to employment law. I would have never taken a look at it on my own. I would have never thought that employment law was such a dynamic field and that it would offer such diversity.

Was Küttner your first choice?

Yes and no. Well, my initial plan was to work for a major law firm. I took a look at other top law firms and well what should I say? At Küttner, it was a gut feeling. Right from the beginning, during my first interview, I had a really good feeling and looking back, I can say that that gut feeling was right on target.

How so? What do you really like about Küttner?

What I really like above all, is that an attorney is accepted and treated with respect just as the partners are. I was 100% committed from the beginning. Right from the start I was assigned clients, even though I did not have a great deal of experience at the time - I worked directly with clients. I always received a lot of support from my more experienced colleagues, at the same time I was given a lot of leeway and responsibility. I also took on representing my colleagues while they were on vacation, that was a great show of trust. You really grow every day with each new task and challenge.

Let’s look down the road a bit - what do your professional objectives look like?

Well, my immediate goal is to gather more experience, to continue to learn and advance in my field, and to take on bigger projects and more responsibility. That is what is so great about Küttner – you are put on a path to achieve, because you are given the opportunity to learn so much. And, who knows, maybe after a few years I may take the step towards becoming a partner.

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