At Küttner, our attorneys and the administrative staff, well - we dance together.

Wiebke Faust


  • 30 years old, from Cologne
  • has been with Küttner since 2008

Wiebke Faust has been a part of the Küttner-Team since starting her training to become a paralegal in 2008 and has now successfully completed her paralegal examination. The 30-year-old loves to spend her free-time with her little daughter in the stable with her horses.

At the end of last year, she returned to work after her parental leave. How is your job at Küttner fitting into your new daily routine taking care of a child?

It is working like a charm, because Küttner is a flexible employer for all walks of life. The great thing is that we can work either full or part-time, so I can adjust my schedule. Some days I am already home after lunch and can do things with my daughter. And my parental leave was not associated with any disadvantages, I was able to start right back up with fewer hours. Of course, it is very important to make sure that someone is always holding the fort down in admin; and we are able to arrange our schedules among ourselves to make sure there is always someone there. And if something unforeseen happens in our private lives, it is always received with understanding.

So, it is a family-friendly firm - do you receive support in other areas at Küttner?

Training and continued education are big at Küttner. With Küttner’s support, for example, I was able to complete my paralegal studies and now have a paralegal degree. And the English classes that are offered, are great! Excellent language skills are always a plus - especially when our international clients call.

What does it feel like to work for Küttner?

Küttner is an exciting employer. It is never boring; something is always going on - and at times even a little nuts. The other great thing is that you learn a lot here. We are given responsibilities early on and are equally challenged and encouraged. You are always able to push yourself and continue to learn and grow. In addition to our work, the personal side of things never goes missing. Küttner in one word? The word is familiar - family! Here it is all about give and take.

Do you notice this in your day-to-day work at the firm?

Yes! You really feel that you are accepted as a person here, with all your strengths and weaknesses. The personal interaction - the give and take - is really important and is supported. Our multi-day company outings are legendary! We have a very flat hierarchy here and when we go on outings there is no snobbery - here attorneys and the staff dance together.
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