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Our Practice Areas of Specialization

Here we provide you with an overview of the work we do in our main employment law practice areas.

We provide our clients with top-notch advice, counsel and representation in collective and individual employment law. Our expertise encompasses all employment law matters and related practice areas. Our advice, counsel and representation is focused on the following practice areas:
  • Work 4.0

    The increasingly digitalized and automated workplace has long become a frequently discussed topic of employment law. Our experts are happy to answer all questions regarding home and mobile offices, agile work, flexible schedule models etc. Together, we will face new challenges and issues pertaining to the digitalization of today’s and tomorrow’s workplace with you by identifying and implementing practical solutions to this burgeoning practice area.
  • Works Constitution Law

    We provide high-level expertise and longstanding experience in advising, counseling and representing our clients in all works constitution matters. This applies particularly to the drafting of reconciliation of interests, social plans, transition agreements, as well as works agreements relating to working hours, compensation, performance management, IT and more. We also represent our clients in negotiations between employers and works councils, in particular in conciliation committee proceedings.

  • Company Retirement / Pension Plans

    Küttner is the leading law firm in providing advice, counsel and representation in all matters of implementing, amending and adapting retirement/pension plan models. This applies, in particular, to the harmonization of retirement / pension systems with respect to company restructuring and mergers.
  • Company Transactions and Restructuring

    One of Küttner’s major strengths is our conceptional and legal preparation and implementation of transactions and restructuring, in particular as regards reorganization, outsourcing and offshore projects. This includes the drafting of strategies and implementation of due diligence, the preparation and drafting of agreements, as well as leading negotiations between employers, works councils and unions and finally implementation within the scope of individual employment agreements.

  • Compliance and Internal Investigations

    Küttner has in-depth experience in the drafting and negotiation of data protection and compliance policies, including whistle blowing systems, codes of conduct and codes of ethics. In addition, we represent companies and groups in conducting internal investigations on cases of corruption, as well as sanctions in cases of violations against compliance and equal treatment (German Equal Treatment Act).
  • Data Protection

    As a result of the digitalization of the workplace, today data protection plays a significant role in virtually all areas of company operations. We provide advice, counsel and representation on all questions pertaining to employee data protection, ranging from data analysis to the drafting and negotiation of data protection systems.
  • Outside Personnel

    Be they freelancers, contractors or temporary workers - the use of outside personnel continues to be a useful means to manage the fluctuating need for personnel. In response to lawmakers continuously making changes to the laws and regulations pertaining to this, clients find themselves in a place in which they require continued legal updates to keep pace with the changes. Küttner develops outside personnel policy concepts from inception to implementation.
  • Advice, Counsel and Representation for Executives

    Advising, counseling and representing boards, board members, managing directors and executives in the initiation, negotiation, drafting of employment and service agreements, as well as termination of such agreements is a main practice area at Küttner. As proven experts, we provide advice and counsel on the liability of directors and officers (Organhaftung) [legal persons in private and public law for wrongful acts or negligence on the part of officers], as well as post-contractual competition prohibitions.
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Advice and Counsel

The firm’s specialists provide our clients personal advice and counsel in all areas of employment law, including all related practice areas.


An essential component of successful employment law advice and counsel is representing our clients' interest effectively before the courts.


We offer single- and multi-day trainings for executives, human resource executives and works councils on or off site.

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