I came to stay.

Dr. Björn Braun, LL.M.

Attorney at Law

  • 35 years old, from Cologne
  • have been with Küttner since 2018

As a child, I wanted to be a construction engineer, like my father and grandfather before him - but now Björn Braun prefers to build legal bridges for his clients. After completing his internship and after just shy of a 3-year stint at a major law firm, the impassioned carnival fan of 1st FC Cologne arrived at Küttner, where he definitely wants to stay.

After three years at a major law firm, what was your goal when you applied to Küttner?

Without a doubt: I wanted to advance and develop as an attorney and be closer to clients. I very much wanted to represent clients before the courts. At major law firms, it is all but impossible to be able to litigate cases in front of a judge. What is really exciting for me is litigating cases before the courts. There was even a time when I wanted to become a judge. Küttner is clearly the top dog in employment law and enjoys an excellent reputation, I just had to apply. Really, my dream of working at eye-level, having more responsibility and direct relationships with clients, all have come to full fruition at Küttner. At Küttner, you put on your own boxing gloves and get into the ring yourself. I really like that!

Were you interested in employment law prior to joining the firm?

My interest in employment law started in law school. I did my masters, my doctorate, my internship in employment law, and it became increasingly apparent to me how exciting and challenging this practice area is - not as dry as many other practice areas - and I am right in the thick of it - dealing with real-life issues. Other than that, there are many different parties involved in what I do and that keeps things interesting. Employers, employees, collective bargaining parties, works councils - what’s not to love. A great mix, every day I am faced with new challenges - and the best part about it is - that at the center of it all - are people.

How would you describe Küttner in one word?

First class, but still down to earth! Everyone knows who Küttner is in employment law, the firm has an exceptionally excellent reputation. And the best thing is, people at Küttner have their feet firmly planted on the ground, the last thing we are about is glamor and pretense. And that is something you notice for the get go. Even the job interview did not feel like a job interview. I immediately felt at ease - it was conducted at eye-level. I really liked that. The partners have confidence in you and the way people treat each other is familiar, its built on trust. You are appreciated and taken seriously - which isn’t par for the course at law firms.

And that’s why Küttner was your first choice?

Its outstanding reputation and the positive first impression were important factors, in addition, after having invested three years in a major law firm, I was ready to pursue a new direction and wanted to shift my main focus. It feels really good to work here, every morning I am excited to come in and get to work, I have never looked back, never regretted one day! In spite, or should I say, because of the challenging work as an attorney, I am able to combine my priorities perfectly, because I became a papa and that is of course an extremely important part of my life. The direct lines and compelling client portfolio were also an added plus, and I have to say after my first year here, I could not have landed at a better place! Küttner and I, well - it’s a perfect fit!

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