Dr. Maren Henseler


After completing her advanced levels, Dr. Maren Henseler spent the Summer of 2002 in the US, where she received a soccer scholarship to study at Berry College in Georgia - where she earned a Bachelor of Arts. After returning to Germany, she studied law in Bonn and Toulouse from 2006 to 2011 and completed her first state examination in front of the Regional Appeals Court Cologne. During this period, she also played for the Bundesliga Bayer 04 Leverkusen from 2008 to 2011. She then completed her doctorate at the Government and Administrative Law Chair of the University of Cologne, where in addition to her internship, she also worked as a research associate.
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  • German Bar Association
  • Cologne Bar Association
  • Working Group Employment Law in the German Bar Association
  • Working Group Sports Law in the German Bar Association
In 2015, she started her internship at the Regional Court Cologne, with stations at the German Embassy in Prague, at an international law firm in Dusseldorf and at the German Football League (DFL) in Frankfurt. Starting early 2018, Dr. Henseler joined Küttner as an attorney. Dr. Maren Henseler advises, counsels and represents national and international companies, as well as board members, managing directors, executives, in all individual and collective employment law matters. A particular focus of Dr. Henseler is the practice area of compliance, in particular the implementation of compliance and whistle blower systems, as well as conducting internal investigations. In addition, Dr. Henseler has specialized expertise in the practice area of sport employment law, in particular regarding football employment law matters.


Monographs, Commentary and Handbooks

  • Henseler, Die rechtlichen Dimensionen des bundesweiten Stadionverbots, 2016.
  • Sachs/Rossol/Henseler, Fallbesprechung: Kosmetika im Strafvollzug. In: Preis/Prütting/Sachs/Weigend, Die Examensklausur, 5. Auflage 2013.

Newspapers, Magazines, and Commemorative Publications

  • Henseler, Aktuelle Probleme bei der Arbeitszeiterfassung. In: GmbH-Stpr. 2020, S. 239
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